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Our third issue 'Real Talk' takes on more of a political/opinion based angle. Whilst curating this issue we spoke to not only producers and DJs but also people who play other parts in the club and dance scene, such as promoters and members of the audience.

Real Talk covers topics from the use of memes to critique and talk about electronic music (A Meme Is Worth 1000 Words by Samantha Schaefer) to more serious topics that are important to talk about including Sexual Harassment in London’s Nightlife (Cut The Crap by Phoebe Gardener). We have also put together a production guide with tips provided by 3 MAD talented producers; Ciel, Octo Octa and Ikonika. They give us an insight on how they go about producing their music as well as some tips on equipment and where to find your samples! An addition to our practical advice, we have a guide to organising your records (How I Maintain My Box by Eden Alison).

*100% of remaining sales of issue #3 were originally being donated to Reclaim The Block however, the asked for a diversion of funds, these funds were donated to The S.H.I.F.T Cooperative