About Pink Noise

About Pink Noise


Something's been missing from the galdem. This ain't no feminist cliché, this is a zine for women interested and involved in electronic music. Whether you're a wannabe DJ/Producer or you're already in the swing, this one's for you.

If you've ever felt alienated from getting into DJ'ing or producing, this is the perfect invitation. If you have experience and want to dive deeper, we've got you covered.

Originally created as a graphic design project by Moira Letby, Pink Noise Zine is now stepping things up a whole other level with the introduction of exciting new substance which will propel you further into the scene. You'll pick up exciting wisdom, like how to mix and how to put on your own night. This will be teamed with artistic graphics and provocative opinion pieces which stimulate and inspire. It is tangible and collectable. 

The representation of women in electronic music has been an ongoing conversation for some time now. Although there has been an increase in support for female artists over the last few years, everybody knows that a huge gender gap still remains. We hold massive hope that this can change.

Issue 1 is out now and features insightful interviews including @umfang from @discwomannyc and the amazing @vaj.power who are breaking waves in Glasgow. Not only is this an exciting new concept, this is important.

See you on the dancefloor,


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